Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Training Lisa Chong and you. part 6.

Helping you even more with those 2 minutes

As you try to run your two minutes, these thoughts will likely go off on a loud speaker in your head:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • This is pointless.
  • I hate this.
  • I'm not a runner, I'm a walker.
  • Not everyone can be a runner.
  • I must look ridiculous.
  • There's no dignity in running.
  • I'm too old to start running.
  • This is hard.

Think of these thoughts as disturbances. That's all they are. Work through them. It's just 2 minutes. You can do it. You will do it. This week.

Use these thoughts if you need counter action:

  • I'm doing this because I know it will feel good, eventually.
  • Though I think this is pointless now, it's not pointless to use a body if I have one.
  • I hate this now, but this now is not forever.
  • I can be a runner and a walker.
  • Everyone with working legs and feet can be a runner. And some other people.
  • I may look ridiculous. Who cares?
  • There's no dignity in running. Dignity is overrated.
  • I'm too old to start running. It's never too late to get healthy.
  • This is hard. And I get stronger by the minute.


  1. Ooh. I'm almost inspired to join you....

  2. Du är så jävla bra Emi!

  3. When I started running two years ago (about then with about 45kg overweight and got the colour of a stoplight in my face after 2 minutes) I decided that all people looking at me where impressed, as in "wow, Shes really trying to do something good for herself" or "wow, I wish I could run too" or inspireing "wow, if she can run without looking as a complete idiot, then so can I" AND; It worked!!
    Now (with "only" 20kg overweight) i run 10k without walking even if I'm still damn tired afterwards and not completely sure I actually like running that far ;)

    Best of luck to all of you, If I can do it anyone can, and thank you Emi for your wonderful blog!

  4. carin & Liza, THANK YOU. Natasha, get on the train!

  5. Why am I doing this?
    - I had been a "runner" about 10 years ago, I even finished 8 marathons and it was damned easy to do it that time, then I broke a leg and started a fast way down to fat and lazyness;
    This is pointless.
    - I'm sure it isn not;
    I hate this.
    - Not really hate, I don't like doing it!!
    I'm not a runner, I'm a walker.
    - I love to feel myself as a runner, but I must onestly say I'm a walker or at least a fast walker;
    Not everyone can be a runner.
    - Ahaha! Not true. Go to any running event and take a look at the last ones, if they can run....
    I must look ridiculous.
    - I see many ridiculous people and most of them don't run.
    There's no dignity in running.
    - There's no dignity in sitting in fron of the TV!
    I'm too old to start running.
    - I know a man who is now 85 and he still runs marathons, he started running when he was 48 because of some back pain, and it worked;
    This is hard.
    - And so?

    PS I want Lisa and Emi to organize a running meeting in 2011!!! I will join.

  6. emi said to me in sweden: "it's just white noise, ignore it"---it really helps


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