Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Training Lisa Chong and you

Are you interested in starting running but never get around to it? I'll be pep talking reader Lisa Chong here at the blog from now until Christmas when she will run 5k without fainting.
If you're Lisa or a jogging/running rookie who wants to join in, here is where you start. Make sure you have the right shoes and, important! RUNNING TIGHTS. You can not run well in those comfy slouchy gym pants. You need running tights. They may make you feel like a seal on legs, but honestly, who cares? This is about making you a stronger, faster individual.

Now that you have the right gear, get ready for your first task.

Make sure you have the right shoes and other equipment. Then find a song you love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Right now I love Tweet and "Boogie 2Nite"
Perhaps that works for you.
Otherwise pick another song. It really doesn't matter.
You begin running tomorrow.


  1. Me too, but I really hope this is for the novice. I suck at running.

  2. i'm not sure i can run either...

  3. Emi, you're a great coach! I ran with your rookies last year, and it was so good. I went from running 0km to running 5km in much less time than I thought it would take.

    In fact, I am a little envious that I am no longer a beginner, and those days of sudden VAST improvements in speed or endurance are now behind me!


  4. S.T.M! This is intended for people who not only suck at running but also hate running.

  5. I also did the rookies last year and it was great! It made me love running. I have been injured for the last 8 weeks and couldn't run, but this weekend I get to (if I do all my physio exercises). I am so excited but I will need to ease into it.

  6. Hej Emi, jag är både urusel och hatar, så jag kvalificerar mig egentligen på alla sätt och står gärna till förfogande om du behöver någon att träna sen i vår nån gång? :)

  7. maria, hoppa in nu! det börjar nu! alla kan vara med!

  8. Haha, hm jo, men gravid i v. 31 känns inte som rätt tid att börja...? :)

  9. jag hoppar nu!
    strangely enough I discovered Swedish is something I can understand...not 100% but maybe 50% through my beloved German...must visit Sweden soon.
    Anyway, I jump up and start the program with you.

  10. Tack! :) Jag följer er ändå in spirit på samma sätt som jag mycket entusiastiskt följer Linnas träningsblogg. Mitt engagemang i teoretisk träning är Så mycket större än när det kommer till det praktiska...

  11. Åhh jag vill också. HATAR verkligen att springa. Ordent "hata" brukar snurra i skallen när jag stått på löpbandet. Är en gå person.
    Men men jag har också mina randiga och rutiga att jag inte kan börja träna just nu. Men tack för texten att börja med att "bara" springa 2 minuter. Det känns möjligt. Bär med mig detta.

  12. I'm a little late to the game, but I'm in. LISA, I'm running WITH YOU!!!!!! XOXO, Ann


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