Monday, October 18, 2010

Training Lisa Chong. part 7

This week, make sure you make it out the door or to the gym 3 times as well. You should work out for 30 minutes. Nothing scary. But this time, run your 2-minute runs as often as you can. Ideal would be 2 minutes run - 2 minute walk, but if that's too much, then settle for 2 minute runs followed by 4 minute walk until your half-hour is up.

Have you decided on your reward yet?
What is it? Share with me!

also! from now on moving training lisa chong over to Run with e.


  1. Who is Lisa Chong?? Also, I was wondering what to wear when running in bitter-cold Sweden - How much is sensible to put on??? You (and Lisa Chong) seems to have all the good answers.. therefore I turn to you for some good advice :-)

  2. i miss run with e!


  3. come over to and I'll show you sara.

  4. Thanks E - I obviously need a lot of new gear then.. A lot..


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