Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear people who wear clothes

(Because I'm a prude, this is all I will share of my undergarments with the internet. Also in pic: showing how well I've matched my passport. Going to NYC on Sunday!)

There are clothes you buy because you love them and others because you think you should. I tend to wear the passion pieces most so have become more forgiving about seemingly random purchases. On the other hand I return 80% of all purchases within the open return policy period. The way I see it, it's just a different kind of exercise, running around returning stuff. I also feel virtuous and economic when returning stuff. It probably has protestant roots - buying stuff I might not need is indulgence but so is returning as we up here in the dark north have been told clothes should be warm, not expensive. We're not sexy Italians. We wear wellies and knits and Acne jeans you can throw in the machine.

I had a passion moment last week, buying two (yes 2! One black and one white) slips at Bric-a-brac. I've gone an entire life without slips. I've tried to buy a slip before, but failed miserably. It had a control function that worked but kept riding up, collecting around my waist so whatever the fabric held in of my midriff was hid behind folds of undergarment. My friend Lotta was upset, telling me "That's so not OK! You should be able to really trust, to RELY on your slip. Your slip should never fail you!".

Since I've never owned a working slip, I thought perhaps I really didn't need one so I was ready to return my beautiful slips and feel good and penny pinching. But then I tried them on and I tell you: If you're a woman, get yourself one. I've been wearing my slips every day!

But remember:Your slip should never fail you! Make sure the skirt part is not tight!