Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Training Lisa Chong and you. part 2

What you'll need:
  • A good sports bra.
  • Running tights. I hear your protests - you look big in them, you're not comfortable wearing them. Bla bla bla. You know what I say? Get them. I believe one of the most effective ways to stop women from reaching their running potential is our own tendency to wear sweatpants on workouts. Don't do it. There's enough to fight when getting your running going without adding excess textile material to the list.
  • Good shoes.
  • Running socks. They are expensive, but work in a ritual way. You should wear them only when running. They signal that you take this as seriously as you should.
  • Personally, I also wear (and swear by my) orthotics. If you have bunions or any kind of knee/foot/back problems it could be a good idea to see an orthopedist before you start running for real.
  • If you're a man, chances are great that you think you'll need a Garmin Forerunner as well. You might. Later on.

Yes this is a lot. But it's an investment in yourself.


  1. Good reminder on the sports bra thing. Some of us need two... or fancy ones.

  2. i'm in trouble now!! I WANT TO BE FIT! better get shopping for some running tights... thanks emi

  3. I'm a convert to the super-short 1970s style running shorts - do you prefer tights just because it's too cold for shorts? Or should I consider switching?

  4. yes it's too cold here for shorts. we're already experiencing cold weather days. also for beginners, I'm thinking tights can be a second choice after sweatpants but I don't know many rookies who'd even consider putting on a pair of ultra short shorts. Those are for people like you, LULU, people who are on their way to half marathons! Don't switch!

    the rest of you - the day might come when short shorts seem like the best choice!


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