Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear folks

What did you do this morning? Did you have two teeth pulled? I did. Now, for a limited time only, am able to give the world one of the world's most touching gifts: the forced smile of someone who can't really smile.

My tongue is tingling, my cheek feels enormous. To cheer myself up, bought a latte. Tried to drink from the to go-cup, but had no feeling in my lips so was afraid to pour coffee all over me, had to walk up to the office to take the lid off and drink it in front of mirror to make sure contents went into my mouth.

I often think about people who've lived before us and I'm pretty sure the one thing they envy us is not Radiohead, lattes, cars or even on-line dating. What they'd give an arm and a leg for is probably this: modern dental care.

The teeth I pulled were my wisdom teeth. Every time I've had a baby, a new wisdom tooth has appeared. I think my body thinks like this: If you think about the history of mankind, most people lived only till 25-30 years of age. But you, old woman, decide to have your babies at 30, 33 and 36, aren't you dead yet? Your teeth must be kaput, better send up some new ones for you to use when pre-chewing stuff for the little ones.

In top pic, you can see how the procedure was carried out this morning. Below pic is me right now, you know, just hanging out with pulled teeth.

More on ancient teeth here. Don't worry, it's not scary. It's just a 2 500 years old BLINGING SMILE.