Sunday, October 2, 2011

Etsy daydreaming

Imagine how someone once actually tried this on/had this sewn for her. Then she was invited to a party and decided that TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT. And wore this.

I'm invited to a wedding and wedding reception on Saturday. I'm told to wear "my finest". If I had ever been brave enough to go the lengths of a dress and cape like this, it'd be easy. As of now - my finest? What is that?

Stay tuned.

can't stop thinking of the owner of the dress. Who was/is she? What else did she wear in her life?


  1. Men herregud Emi, jag saknar ord, vilken underbar klänning, klart du ska ha en cape! Köp genast och bär som den underbara superkvinna du är. Lina


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