Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If you hate jeans

I hate jeans. HATE THEM. Hate wearing jeans so much that when I'd recently forgotten to get an important thing for Vanja (wrapping paper for her school books), we agreed that the best punishment if I kept forgetting would be to wear jeans for 1 week.

But jeans, you know, they go with everything and I remember when I was little, I used to love them.

So I went to the Levi's store and said "I hate jeans, help me". And they did. And I'm sitting here now in comfortable CurveId jeans.

They didn't pay me to write this. In fact I lost one pair of jeans on the bus, and went back and bought another pair. So my jeans are twice as expensive as they'll be to you. My advice though - have them take your measurements in store and then bring out jeans that will fit you.

Cause the only thing worse than wearing jeans is finding a great pair. Despair in fitting room.
Not dignified. Not even necessary.