Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things that will NEVER be said about me

When the magazine writes me up it will be more like this:

She owns not a single bag, unless you count the plastic kind you get in grocery stores - and only accessorises with an elastic hairband around her wrist (for easy access, especially when riding her 80's bike).

Shoes, though, are her weakness, in the form of comfy worn out running shoes, always with a hole on the right shoe where her independently minded hallux valgus has carved out a little peeping hole for itself. For years, hoards of young women have begun to cut little holes on the insides of their right running shoes as a style tribute to Guner, while eagerly waiting for their own hallux valguses (hallux valgii?) to come in, as the rite of passage into real womanhood this signifies.

ps. Also how can you get away with writing an article where "just two bags - both birkins" is stated as a testament to the owners humble approach to style?