Monday, October 31, 2011

Time travel

In the 1850's Anders and I were poor farmers about to emigrate to America. This is what we looked like. Poor but proud.

12 years this year with this man. Met him for real on November 12, 1999. He looks the same, only now he has hair. For some men, the last 12 years have had the opposite effect on their scalps.


  1. Ni ser helt fantastiska ut med ett klar känsla av det här är en presentationsbild för Arlas hemsida där ni bloggar om livet som ekobönder.

  2. Vi är maniskt fria från tillsatser.

  3. Och närmare naturen

    // Lina

  4. I had the same trajectory with my husband. First no hair, until I finally convinced him to grow it, and now an abundance of curls - very gratifying. You guys look great. Loving your blog as always.


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