Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The not very generous part of my mind

There are days when I get so upset about the way some people throw around perfectly useful words in a too repetitious way, days when I think it should be criminal to overuse words.
We all need those great words.
The way I see it, some people take to useful words like some people take antibiotics. Don't do it! One day, you'll be in need of a word like "brilliant", and then you can't, because it's overused.

Think about it.


ps. This is a ridiculous way of thinking of words and word usage, as language is an organic life form that adapts according to circumstance and environment. New words emerge.

ps 2. Are you lost to WordFeud yet? I haven't even dared to try it. I was born during a game of Scrabble. I wouldn't be able to handle it. At all.

ps 3. Yes, that would be me showing Cary Grant the correct spelling of hippopotamuses.


  1. Dear Emi,
    "Awesome" is another annoyingly overused word.
    But one thing that really gets me upset is the ever-increasing popularity of saying "It's like deja-vu all over again". Just writing it makes me upset.

    I know I read your Dear Marc blog before, but lost you along the way. I've loved Parisa ever since she made her debut with the Schulmans, but lost her, too. Until this morning, that is. And she led me back to you.
    And there goes the uber-productive morning that I intended to have.
    Damn it.


    PS. I am the fifth of eight children (our parents were always horny, I guess), and we were all such bad Scrabble-losers that we grew up reading the dictionary, page by page, even taking it to the toilet so no one else would have it.
    So no, I wouldn't touch Word Feud either.


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