Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Life here now is all about trying to get the kids adjusted to life abroad.
It's tough on them, this was mine and Anders decision and though it's hard to pity anyone who gets to move to NYC, it is challenging to switch environment, friends, habitat and yes, language.

They're at camp now, to pick up more English and hopefully make friends from the area before school starts.

I'm so impressed by how they stick it out, how they learn, how they adapt.

Also moved by camp counselor who found an app in his phone that translates English words into audible Swedish for Niki since she can't write or read yet.

School starts September 9. Our goal is to have the kids speaking and understanding English to a great degree by then. Vanja is already getting there, Joel right behind her. Niki is struggling but she's picking it up too.

Friends who've done this before us tell us not to worry and that soon the kids will start speaking English with each other.