Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rude New Yorkers?

Been here for 4 weeks today, people are mostly really nice. Only two exceptions so far.

1. While crossing the street with my kids holding an umbrella in heavy rain, a woman came walking in the opposite direction. She had only a small magazine to cover her head. I kept walking straight across the street, thinking I would raise my umbrella so it wouldn't collide with her. It worked out according to my plan but she said STUPID STUPID STUPID to me as we passed each other. Kids asked what she said and I told them I wasn't sure if she was talking to herself for not bringing out an umbrella or if she was (more likely) impolitely addressing us. Some people just hate rain. And perhaps Swedes.

2. This morning saw a lone kid looking desperately unhappy, having fallen halfway out her stroller, feet locked in under the vehicle. I talked to her till her mother came and just wanted to explain to the parent why I was talking to her kid since that seems to be against some law here.

"She looked really uncomfortable" (severe understatement).

Mother's only reply combined with shooting me a look of death: WHAT EVER.

New Yorker's, if you see any of my kids that uncomfortable, feel free to talk to them. I will not bite you for being nice to my children.