Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Have arrived in Brooklyn and things are great and confusing. Had lunch at a local Mexican place where we were given crayons and sheets of paper. Suddenly we made drawings of how we were feeling. Some looked as happy as in real life. 

Others didn't stretch their imagination too much .

And then there were those whose inner feelings did not seem to 
correspond too much with their exterior looks. 

Have caught on with the local mode of transportation. 


  1. Your last two posts have you with a bottle of beer in your hand. Love.

  2. not only that but I also wrote that beer commercial! have you also noticed it's all corona? I hope they notice too and start sending me crates and barrels of their magic liquid.

  3. Emi-
    So happy for you & your family.
    Make the most of the experience.
    With warm wishes from
    The misplanted NYer living in Holland
    (and sometimes unexpected autism advocate
    mom) ;-)

  4. Last comment posted under the wrong ID, sorry. Anyway, welcome to the US... let me know if you get to CHGO.

    - Lisa B-K


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