Sunday, July 7, 2013

New to New York

These are the questions a person who's just moved to New York in July asks:

It's hot. How much hotter does it get on a scale from 1-10?

How much air conditioning is required?

The look of the air conditioning is hurting my sensitive Swedish sense of aesthetics (yes, am bratty). Are there any alternatives? How effective are fans?

Will anyone who has swimmed in the Washington Square Park fountain ever be clean again?

Are the organic things sold everywhere really organic?

Why are the spaces where you're supposed to walk in the subway so narrow you almost fall down on the tracks all the time?

I love it here, is it really true that I'm here for real?


  1. Tyvärr kommer det vara så här varmt, förutom några dagar här och där när temperaturen sjunker ner till 25 grader men ja, så här är det fram till september, typ.Jag kräver mycket ac men så är jag bortskämd med "central air" (en central inbyggd ac i lägenheten så en slipper de fula fönstervarianterna). Men det finns golvvarianter som kanske är lättare att titta på (googla på portable air conditioners). Lycka till och välkomna hit! //en svensk expat i Philly

    Ps. En bordsfläkt kan också hjälpa till med svalkandet. Ds.

  2. Answers from a modicum of NYC experience:

    It will not get much hotter than this, but it will get steamier in August with heroic and frequent thunderstorms.

    ACs are awful looking/sounding/feeling, and only necessary if you live in a top floor of a building with no airflow. They will never do enough to cool a whole apartment, and you can always hibernate in a shop temporarily. Fans will go a long long way.

    Kids seem to swim in the wash sq fountain with startling regularity and minimal clothing, so I think we would have heard if it was toxic? I saw one naked child last week actually squatting over the main jet, so have been keeping my eyes peeled for stories of fountain-related anal diseases.

    Re: organics - that word is thrown around like "natural" which is to say, there is no meaning, but the greenmarkets are reliable and convenient.

    I have often pondered subway station spacial issues, and have only come to the conclusion that it is best to not walk between the pole and the edge of the platform, no matter how slow the person in front of you is walking.

    Best of luck!

  3. July is when you want to kill yourself/cry from heat, and February is the corresponding winter month where it seems like it will just not end.

    August will be quite muggy but you get fantastic thunderstorms :D

    Oh! Enjoy the fireflies. Do you have them in Sweden? They seem rare to many European transplants. Anyhow, they are magical and worth the humidity.

    If you can, befriend someone with a house by the water on Long Island (which you technically are actually on as far as landmass, but which city people get bitchy about - the distinction between city v suburbs)

    Air conditioners are needed. Trust me. NY native here (now living elsewhere). Unless you want to stay up all night sweating. And yes they are ugly.

    Subways - nimble. That's all I got.

    Fountains - ie cleanliness - my mother never let us find out :/

  4. Presumably this week has revealed to you whether air conditioner or fan. It's a little bit warm out there.

  5. Thank you for all your help! adjusting slowly. Today we're even getting a couch, a great addition to any living room.


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