Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer in New York

I've wanted the Birckenstock Gizeh for many years but was afraid of suffering pain between toes due to the leather thong. No worries people! Also, here's the answer to a question I've been asking for years too: It takes about two weeks to break them in properly but you won't be in pain meanwhile. 

Were going to a museum but stopped by a Barnes & Noble on the way. By stopped by I mean stay for 4 hours, thereby missing any chance to go to the museum at all. Still, everyone was just as happy with this decision. 

Readers who've been with me for a while understands the world collides feeling of this pic: bringing my kids to Zabar's. Did not work very well, kids were so energetic after all those calm hours in the book store, had to make them stand outside Zabar's instead of slowly walking around studying NYC delicacies. 

Another day: visited Prospect Park. Kids give this park 5 out 5 scooters.