Thursday, January 7, 2010

Perhaps the ugliest day of my life

Today is my day to be...ugly! This new year has started out less than perfectly. I have an eye infection that is to be treated with a horrible yellow ointment. I must also nurture hatred towards my left hand because in the past week I have not just scolded it by pouring boiling water over it but was also close to removing my left thumb with the help of a cheese slicer.

The intensely cold Swedish weather has left two thin lines as a memory of what used to be my plump lips.

It's sad really. But did this stop me from getting a haircut? NO! I'd been waiting since March. See how happy I am to see Hasse? And see how he cleverly disguised the eye? Now if my hair was only long enough to cover my hands.


  1. I'm impressed you left the house looking like that. *

    Tip of the day on pink eye: Oculoheel from the health food store works almost immediately, and I don't care if you believe in homeopathy or not.

    * I'm kidding

  2. Dear Emi:

    Even the 10 Plagues of Egypt--which it sounds as if you've experienced recently--cannot make you ugly.

  3. brava--such courage! uplifting pic at the salon! you are never/ could never be ugly! (btw i think mercury is in retrograde: i also couldn't move my head for two days because of neck spasm, got the biggest zit since high school which lasted 3 weeks, and more sad news i cannot write here)


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