Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear readers - a word on being easy

You know what people say about bloggers. That the past decade was their decade. That bloggers could get whatever they wanted. That they were sent anything they desired.

Well you know what? I tried to get stuff. I tried hard. I was sent a Valley of the dolls DVD. That's it, folks.

That's why I was really surprised when LuShae Jewelry recently said I could pick our anything I wanted at their site as long as I linked the word earrings. It's not really my style but perhaps it's yours? I got these.

See how easy it is to get me to write for stuff? WORLD FOLLOW SUIT!
That means you, Kitchen Aid, Sorel, Patagonia, Laura Mercier, Kiehl's and Sibyllans te och kaffehandel!


  1. Finally! And a very good choice. Hope this spin off into a fancy gala invitation too.

  2. Way to go! Gratulerar! Du förtjänar långt mer än dessa i och för sig fantastiska örhängen! Charmen dock med dig och din blogg (förutom att du är intelligent, rolig och snygg) är just att att den inte är kommersiell - men ett par örhänge då och då är det minsta man kan begära :-). Kommersiell eller inte.

  3. TACK ANONYM! tyvärr kommer jag aldrig lyckas bli kommersiell.

  4. emi - i wish you did receive more free goodies. your posts always make me smile, and improve my day. so please, please, please, enjoy those gorgeous earrings!

  5. Your posts make me laugh pretty much every day. And I clicked through the link. So world, send emi more lovely stuff! And while your at it I wouldn't mind some Kiehls and Laura Mercier too!


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