Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear international athletesgn

This sign tells the women who work out at my gym that the locker rooms are cleaned daily by both male and female staff members. Does this happen where you live? I don't really mind/care. It just seems exotic somehow.

Another sign of the times: On January 30th 2010 they will remove all tanning beds from our gym. It's the end of an era!


  1. maybe it is a kind of a challenge:
    men vs. women - who is cleaning better?

  2. went on a camping trip recently, and there was a big ameities block with showers, toilets etc. The female block was cleaned by males, who would just walk in without announcing themselves, and start cleaning while there were heaps of people there. Was a little freaked out when I walked out of the shower and there was a guy standing infront of the door with a bottle of disinfectant.


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