Monday, January 18, 2010

Thoughts on being a woman

Perfectly fine women are told why they're not perfect. By a man.


  1. perfect joke or sad truth? that is the question!

  2. oh, I try to laugh and don´t take it much serious all the time a man try this on me, but the sad truth is that most time women do this on women. for instance size zero, do you think it is an invention of a man?

  3. i agree with f--most of the time women and girls do a pretty good of telling each other what's wrong.

  4. I do think the size 0 ridiculousness is created more by women than men. The only men who have pointed out flaws on me at size 4 have been in the modelling industry.

    Almost every other guy I've encountered has said fashionista fat phobia is unnatractive and boring to them.

    That's a very weird vintage photo!


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