Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear makers of sensible shoes and bags

I went to a store to hunt down some slippers and a new bag for my computer and all the other stiff I carry around (like today, 8 pairs of socks I had put into my bag just to be carried upstairs but forgot about it so the adventurous little socks got a full day out and about).

I didn't find any. Instead bought a dress. The kind fashion editors like to scribble va va voom next to.
Also bought a bolero. A BOLERO.
There's nothing less sensible than a bolero.

I blame all this on Mad Men.

will take picture to show you the vavavoomness of dress. will perhaps return it.
ok, took pictures.

it has a little belt
it has a natural spanx effect.
the effect the-2-year-old-hates-stroller-and-4-year-old-also-wants-to-be carried-around-in-snow-for-months has had on my arms.

Also wearing: My grandmother's old watch. I love thinking how her time is somehow with me. Hours ticked by on her arm, now they're ticking on mine. Perhaps she wore this, watching my mom and her siblings grow up.

Ps. Grandma was petite and had 5 kids=serious muscle.