Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Think I'll love it. But seems I have to buy it to see it so want to hear from you first, worth the 30 dollars I'll have to shell out to get it? Also goes by the title Señora Beba and Live-in Maid.

Ps. Googling the latter title will make you familiar with more porn sites than you might feel comfortable with while really looking for what seems to be an intelligent Argentinian film about two women coming to terms with the financial crisis, class and each other.


  1. Ooohh!! I've seen it. It is a beautiful movie. Really. Painful too. And the acting is unbearably authentic.

    As far as buying it, can you find it used? Or maybe plan to sell it later?

  2. If I was in the states I could buy it for less than 10 bucks and download it straight to my computer, but because I'm here I can't. so sad. And don't think I can find someone who would buy it from me either.

    I tried to get the library to buy it but there was something with legal rights that made it difficult for them to.

  3. my mother LOVES this movie. LOVES IT. i am not kidding: the word verification on this post is emiessed.

    it's on netflix instant viewing. you could watch it on my netflix account, if you like. http://blog.virtuallyjamaica.com/?p=367

    i'll email you my account into.


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