Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Swedish Hasbeens

Thank you for including these shoes (which I've eyed since, like, forever) in your garage sale. I'm wearing them today and as a result received the weirdest pick-up line, if that's what it was which didn't seem plausible until he finished his last line with a big laugh in a situation that called for no laughing at all. Judge for yourselves.

Man in parked car, rolling down his window as I'm about to pass on street: Eh, do you know what time it is?
Me: well sure, it's about 9.15
Him: Just kidding!


  1. Clearly a pick-up line! And you're worth it, even without shoes!

  2. i wish you had been at dinah's school benefit tonight--they were auctioning those very same shoes off.

  3. Åhhh vad avis jag blir. Har tyvärr köpstopp på HB. Det var svårt att inte gå förbi igår.

  4. Thanks Jenny! but I got them kinda cheap so I'm happy. as long as they didn't auction off the northern renaissance book series above, I think I'll manage!


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