Sunday, June 19, 2011

The weekend in pictures

Friday: Saw Maja and John.
Saturday: Went to the library.
Encouraged speeding.
Had dinner at Malin & Stephan's.

Sunday: Made chocolate cake.

Made plans to go running. Made even more excuses not to.

Said to hell with excuses. Did not regret it. Best part of running: "Need a Boss" with Shareefa & Ludacris. And "Back in the day" with Ahmad Lewis.
And because we currently have no bathroom, took the kids and myself for shower/bath at my parents' house.

Then, as you know, read up on venetian hair dye. Now couch with Lynn Barber.


  1. LOVE the chocolate face! The cake was delicious, obviously!

  2. Maja och JOHN? Är det klart nu? Jag vill också träffa John!

  3. Tror det är klart. Eller vad säger du, Maja?

  4. every time you don't want to go running, you should look at this photograph of yourself AFTER running--you look AMAZING.


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