Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pilates diaries

because some of you have asked for more info on pilates: here you go.
I'm a rookie. Have been doing this only since March. Think I'm a little off in the second pic, where I look like a weird ant pulling a giant berry through the woods. My back should probably be straighter. I'll get there.

When doing pilates I have two simultaneous thoughts:
a) I must do this all the time, every day!!!!
b) I never want to do this ever again, why am I doing this?

But when I walk out the door, only a) remains.
And then afterwards, I feel lighter, like a dancer.

Elin goes on vacation June 16. I don't know how I'll manage til August.
I'll miss it and her like crazy.

ps. that's karin in the top pic. we're in this together!