Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pilates diaries

because some of you have asked for more info on pilates: here you go.
I'm a rookie. Have been doing this only since March. Think I'm a little off in the second pic, where I look like a weird ant pulling a giant berry through the woods. My back should probably be straighter. I'll get there.

When doing pilates I have two simultaneous thoughts:
a) I must do this all the time, every day!!!!
b) I never want to do this ever again, why am I doing this?

But when I walk out the door, only a) remains.
And then afterwards, I feel lighter, like a dancer.

Elin goes on vacation June 16. I don't know how I'll manage til August.
I'll miss it and her like crazy.

ps. that's karin in the top pic. we're in this together!


  1. you are my heroine just for posting these pictures of yourself.

  2. Imponerande Karin och Emi!

  3. MEn lotta det är väl varken sexigt eller läckert här? Ser ut som om jag föder rundbalar?

  4. Ni är viga och smäckra och smidigt starka! Om inte det är sexigt och läckert, vad är sexigt och läckert då?

  5. Great job!You inspired to me do pilates exercises.Thanks for post...


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