Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Please help me - share your stories of love and break ups

You know I'm a copy writer, yes? But I also work as a magazine writer. I recently wrote an article on the theme "that's when I knew it was right/wrong".

But the sad truth is that I only have heterosexual stories in this article resulting in a both flat and inaccurate version of romance on this planet.

If you or a friend feel you would like to contribute true tales of same sex love or break-up, please let me know. Either post here or mail me emi at lovegun dot net. Yes, write it out like you do with e-mails, I'm trying to fool spam robots, don't know if I'll make it.

I only need a few lines like - "I knew she was the one for me when I touched her hair, she has the softest hair" or "She won't let me get away with lies" or "I knew she was wrong for me when she ran away with both my best friend, my heart and my favorite skirt".

Feel free to use any name you'd see fit.