Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breakfast conversation

Me: So what should I wear to the party tonight do you think? This aqua jumpsuit with orange platforms or this 50s dress with red shoes or perhaps this long yellow skirt? Or perhaps this striped pink and white wrap-dress?

Anders: Hmmm. I think you should just let your hair down and it doesn't matter.

Me: Men!!!!

Anders: Yup. We're really that simple.

ps. going with aqua and orange platforms.
ps 2. why would I already wear this at breakfast? because I'm a mom! today's logistics involves packing lunch, biking to the pool with kids, perhaps going for a run while there and anders is back from his run, then biking home while anders takes the kids to his mom's then going to the party. this leaves no time in afternoon for trying out clothes. everything needs to be set by 10.30.