Saturday, April 7, 2012

Learning to drive

I have a higher pulse when driving than I had when I saw, heard and felt the surgeon cut off several bones in my foot with the help of a surgical saw.

Must do this though. Everybody seems to do it. I should be able to do, it too. In America 16-year olds do it. All around me, people do it while texting and talking on the phone. Some people do it drunk. I am completely sober with all my focus on the driving.

This is what I keep telling myself, loudly, to convince myself: DRIVING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!


  1. Sådär jättekul är det väl inte men det förenklar vissa bitar otroligt mycket. Du kommer att klara det, jag vet det och tror på dig!!!! Lina

  2. driving is fun in America. Not so fun in Europe. Really not so fun in the southern part of England. Too many people, tiny roads, too much stress, awkward signs, and too many people (did I mention that part?). BUT learning to drive is a pretty amazing thing once it's been done and the test has been passed. I still take the bus/train as much as I can, cycle, or walk, and only drive if I must.
    All that aside, GOOD FOR YOU!!

  3. I was also completely terrified of driving until I lived in a city where I had to drive in terrible traffic and finally got used to it. A lot of my friends also were very scared when they first started; I think it's more common than people admit. It sounds weird but when I was first learning it helped me to remember that my car was visible to other drivers...Don't worry, you'll get used to it too, it's actually kind of fun now!


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