Tuesday, April 3, 2012


1. Are there any men here? Are there men reading this blog? I don't think less of you if you're women, I just wonder. I love women. And men. I'm not very particular.

2. There's a blog I check every now and then because the blogger gets infinite numbers of hits. She often starts her posts along these lines: "many readers have asked what color I use for my nails" or "many readers have asked how I style my hair". So now I wonder - which of my SECRETS would you like to know?

3. What brogues can a short, curvy person with really broad feet wear? I'm asking for a friend's sake. HA HA HA.


  1. I want to hear about your hair products and what someone could do to tame wild pregnancy hair.

  2. Are congratulations in order? Baby porkchops? Yay!!!
    Am against taming. Embrace the wildness !!!

  3. I want to hear about what you’re reading and what you’re wearing to run in.

    I’m not a man.

  4. When people at work start looking at me like I am a cave woman with this hair, I will tell them Emi says it is ok. Also, perhaps you should post that pic of Anne Hathaway again and then ask if there are any men.

  5. I am a man. I don't know if that is the reason I don't care for style secrets or not.

  6. 1. Hello!

    2. I'm wondering: What do you typically have for breakfast/brunch?

    3. If the hypothetical short, curvy person with really broad feet is adamant for brogue, perhaps a stylishly slender brogue can be found patterned over a Mexican pointy boot.

  7. I'm a man and I read this blog on occasion. Granted I've read a number of varied blogs over the years, some with one author, and one with 5!


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