Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On children's books.

Parents are often told how important it is to READ great books to your child. How it develops their imagination, sense of language and so forth.


I believe it is important to spend time with your kid in order for both of you to prosper. I believe reading books to your kid is a great way to spend that time. But as a parent, let me tell you, kids have no sense of literary quality. I'm not sure it is essential to read great books to them at all.

Instead, reading great books to your kid is a way to keep your own sanity in between reading the crap kids so often are drawn to. It's a good way to make sure you hang out with them, only, away from phones, computers and all the rest that take over your interest.

If you're a regular human being, I believe you can read any kind of crap to your kid and they will be fine since they are thinking creatures to and they will, eventually, see through the crap and prefer other stuff.

The other day for instance, Vanja showed me how it took Hello Kitty SIX hours to get ready for a date. She called Hello Kitty on her bullshit. No Hello Kitty date is worth that much time fluffing the fur.