Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Styled by shoes

I've talked about the weird (to me at least) tag line "Styled by shoes" before. It sounds like you turn to your shoes and go "hey shoes, what should I wear today?" and they magically, Disneyishly dress you.

Today, my post-surgery sandals styled me. I'm so comfy it's silly. I'm going to work this like it's the thing to wear. Sartorialist, I hope you're back on the streets of Stockholm. I'd even ride a bike, I know that's your thing.
I'm styled by shoes.
And yes, I can put my feet behind my head, but I won't post that here, cause I don't want to attract the hoards of contortionist fetishists that are out there. This will have to do.

I'm off to buy ant confusers. They think it's food, we know it's poison. Forgive me, buddhists, but's it's come to a war between us and them!