Thursday, November 29, 2012

Being woman, my story

I was born with ovaries and the whole female setup. And despite the fact that men seem favored when it comes to getting power, influence, money and attention and basically everything else everywhere ever,  I have always been happy to be born a woman. But I find many of the female "truths" disturbing. As a western European woman of a certain age, I've concluded that advertising channels think I spend my time considering the following issues thusly: 

I would like to correct this fact by offering the true statistics of how I spend my time:

I have very little interest in skin care. And have now found a product that makes me have to think of it even less, (sadly am sometimes forced to think about my skin because it itches). With the help of the Kanebo Sensei series, it doesn't. It's really expensive, too expensive for me really. So far, I get by with samples. Just thought I'd share this with you, if like me, you're not really as interested in skin care/maintenance a people seem to think.