Saturday, November 3, 2012

Running on all saints day

This is how running make me feel, sometimes during, but mostly afterwards.
Today, on all saints day, I ran in honor of all the loved loved loved ones who're no longer with us.
Miss you so fucking much.

I try to think of all of you who we've lost and remember the joy too and not let it be overshadowed by the grief of not having you around.

Running brings out so many emotions, brings them to the surface. Today's run was a mixed bag of tears and laughter and singing.

Friday morning, ee were on our way to the airport to go to new york but it just seemed all wrong, so cancelled. Niki and Joel don't even know we're home. I'm about to take a shower then walk up to my parents and hug them and spend the rest of the day talking about love and death but mostly love for the dead and the people who will never forget them.

love love love.
it's the only thing.