Monday, November 5, 2012

Finding the perfect coat

Readers who've been with me for a while know I've been looking for a great new coat for years.
Today was no exception.

I walked into a clothes store and asked for help in finding a great coat.

"It needs to be fitted and rather small or I'll look like a kid walking around in my dad's borrowed coat" I said and the shop girl said she understood.

Nevertheless she couldn't find one that met those seemingly easy requirements. She returned with a coat that I tried on but as I did, my discontent seeped out.

"I'd like it to look more expensive. I want to look expensive".

The shop girl looked puzzled. I stared into the mirror where my worn out Sorels and faded gym pants added to the irony of my statement so much that I hastened to to add

"...I mean I like the coat to look expensive. Even if the rest of me looks like trash."

Shop girl smiled and replied "sort of like you want a big coat to hide everything else under"

"Sort of."

The hunt for a great coat for a short person is still on.
Tell me if you see one.

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I want to look expensive. I really said those words. Out loud. Wearing really comfy faded black sweatpants.


  1. Don't know if this helps to narrow it down, but when it comes to colours, I feel that navy blue looks more expensive than black :)


  2. Ha! I have the same issue with jeans although it's more about looking/feeling good vs expensive. I haven't bought a pair in 5 years as I find it so depressing buying them.

  3. Say no to jeans, rachel! not worth it.

  4. agree about navy. and the irony of this post? you look awesome in the photo. like an expensive lady.

  5. Jenny, it's just the advanced lighting in Whyred's fitting rooms.

  6. I just love you and this post. It makes me feel so much better that I made my child wear ballet flats to a Swedish school. :) On the coat thing, if you are looking at Whyred, it IS expensive! I love JCrew for coats. Beautiful Italian wool tailored to fit like a glove for all sizes -- regular, petite, tall. Colors and styles to die for and won't break the bank. However, if you want something trendy and edgy this is not your source. I like to buy trendy in the Juniors dept at Nordstrom or Anthropologie. Last a few seasons, but not a big investment. That's my two cents!

  7. I always liked the one in post 4, with you standing in the window!


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