Monday, November 5, 2012

Finding the perfect coat

Readers who've been with me for a while know I've been looking for a great new coat for years.
Today was no exception.

I walked into a clothes store and asked for help in finding a great coat.

"It needs to be fitted and rather small or I'll look like a kid walking around in my dad's borrowed coat" I said and the shop girl said she understood.

Nevertheless she couldn't find one that met those seemingly easy requirements. She returned with a coat that I tried on but as I did, my discontent seeped out.

"I'd like it to look more expensive. I want to look expensive".

The shop girl looked puzzled. I stared into the mirror where my worn out Sorels and faded gym pants added to the irony of my statement so much that I hastened to to add

"...I mean I like the coat to look expensive. Even if the rest of me looks like trash."

Shop girl smiled and replied "sort of like you want a big coat to hide everything else under"

"Sort of."

The hunt for a great coat for a short person is still on.
Tell me if you see one.

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I want to look expensive. I really said those words. Out loud. Wearing really comfy faded black sweatpants.