Friday, November 9, 2012

My two cents

There are simply too many clothes in this world.
And shoes.


  1. You mean too many awesome clothes and shoes that beg to be bought, right? Because I'm totally on board with that! I have no room in my closets and I can't part with what I have, but I still want more.

  2. well yes but also in general, too many!!!!
    my head is spinning.

  3. Hejsan, I stumbled across your letters as directed from the wonderwall site...where I was caught by your shopping-detox proclamation. How is that going for you? I'm curious and very impressed at the same time.
    And then I enjoy this blog too. Care to share?

  4. Welcome Louise!!!!
    My shopping detox is going ok. Have shopped so much less than I usually would and when I have it's been stuff off my list of items it's ok for me to buy if I find something that's 100 % love. will show them here soon. Am wearing one recent item right now. A new pair of jeans. so surprisingly comfy!


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