Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving forward?

This is from the 70s. Can't imagine this running today. Are we getting more prude as the years go by?
I think I'd be uncomfortable showing nip action like this, but still get happy from the notion that you should be proud to show the wonders of your body.

Ps. Ambivalent of male equivalent - boner pants?


  1. Ha! I only heard about these recently - they are still around, though I think this one has been discontinued...


    I usually try to avoid this look!

  2. wow. there's something sad about the victoria's bra though, faking it for the people around you, appearing aroused when you might not be?

  3. Love it- I am reading this with my 2-yr-old on my lap, and he starts squealing excitedly "lookitlookitlookit!" He thinks nipples are hilarious, and his fascination has required me to be a bit more circumspect about my nudity.

  4. few people have been more open about their admiration for my physique than my 2-year olds. enjoy it!


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