Friday, November 9, 2012

Important questions

1. How many pairs of jeans do you keep in your closet?

2. How many do you actually use?

3. How many do you think you should have?

Am asking these questions cause I went ahead and bought another pair of jeans yesterday. Had only 2 pairs and one pair is not even comfy.

You know I've had weird encounters with jeans selling people before.

But this time, in a Levi's store, a young man took his professional jeans hands and placed them on my hips (way too close for comfort). "Ok" he said, "now I know what size you are".

It would have been so wonderful it he'd been wrong, but annoyingly enough, his connoisseur hands were on to the truth. He picked out a great pair. So annoying.

Especially annoying when he said "wear these when you're out with the girls and you'll be sure to have someone buy you a drink".

I had to reply "no thanks. give me a larger pair".

then bought larger pair and took them home only to realize they were sagging so had to go back and exchange them for smaller drink buying inspiring jeans.

(Am wearing them right now and so far I love them.)

But jean seller person: next time I want to buy a pair of jeans, just sell me a pair of jeans. All that having to buy another pair than I want in order to spite you and your cheesy talk is just tiring.


  1. I have three pairs of jeans.
    1 pair is acid washed, cropped, actually from the early 90's and only gets worn in the summer.
    2nd pair recently started sagging beyond decency so now only gets worn to do messy outside things.
    3rd pair recently was purchased to replace previous pair.

    For many years I only had one pair of jeans in my closet.

  2. I have 8 pairs of jeans. One I actually like; Levi's something or other. Also have one pair of skinny jeans that I was talked into by a Levi's store young chic (I think they passive-aggressively convince other women to buy jeans that aren't that great on them to reduce the competition); one pair of jeggings that I love but am too self conscious to wear; one pair of Old Navy jeans that I wear when I don't care; and 4 pairs of old jeans with indecently large holes very near the crotch that I use to do yard work when no one can see me.

  3. I have two pairs. One, Acne, that I wear but now has those holes on inside of leg near crotch that make then unwearble except at home and there I really prefer my tomatored Juicy couture sweatpants which I do not wear in public except to go downstairs for bread and croissants. The other pair are from 7 for all mankind and were bought to replace another pair from them that were GREAT (comfy and made my legs and ass look like a million bucks) except their not the sam cut, the waits is way too low, it looks terrible and is totally NOT comfortable. So now I am on the look-out. Will try APC.


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