Friday, November 9, 2012

Important questions

1. How many pairs of jeans do you keep in your closet?

2. How many do you actually use?

3. How many do you think you should have?

Am asking these questions cause I went ahead and bought another pair of jeans yesterday. Had only 2 pairs and one pair is not even comfy.

You know I've had weird encounters with jeans selling people before.

But this time, in a Levi's store, a young man took his professional jeans hands and placed them on my hips (way too close for comfort). "Ok" he said, "now I know what size you are".

It would have been so wonderful it he'd been wrong, but annoyingly enough, his connoisseur hands were on to the truth. He picked out a great pair. So annoying.

Especially annoying when he said "wear these when you're out with the girls and you'll be sure to have someone buy you a drink".

I had to reply "no thanks. give me a larger pair".

then bought larger pair and took them home only to realize they were sagging so had to go back and exchange them for smaller drink buying inspiring jeans.

(Am wearing them right now and so far I love them.)

But jean seller person: next time I want to buy a pair of jeans, just sell me a pair of jeans. All that having to buy another pair than I want in order to spite you and your cheesy talk is just tiring.