Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's outfit

I've noticed many bloggers share their style with the world. (have you noticed this too? just kidding)
I think I've previously encouraged you to, like, shoot me of I started posting today's outfits. 
But then I thought: Why be so hard on the blogging community?

I'll join you instead.

This is what I'm wearing today. 
This is what I'm trying to say with about myself through my clothes: 

I'm wearing leopard. Cause I'm a wild animal. But it's also got a pussy bow, which is great cause I've been called a pussy and perhaps that's true. I have no problem with that. Pussies are cute and soft and cuddly. 

I'm also wearing yellow cause yellow is my favorite color. I truly love yellow. It's by Rodebjer and by wearing Rodebjer I think I'm trying to say that I'm not just any old mom, but a contemporary Swedish woman who's interested in fashion but not a slave to it. Rodebjer is always dignified, which I rarely am myself. I try to buy dignity, it's very doubtful that I succeed since very few people at the office where I work today have ever visited a Rodebjer store. My style clues are really wasted on most of these people. Hopefully they're into yellow, though. 

My pants are a little on the short side which seems to be in fashion. I love these pants. I love them because they're so comfy IT*S INSANE. They're byKerber pants and if you're in need of pants, you should get a pair. With these pants I'm also trying to communicate that I appreciate quality, Swedish design and ethical production. Marielle Kerber, the designer, rents a house in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she and her vietnamese friends and co-workers make all the clothes. 

This is how the pants fit on me. 
Here's what they look like on a model:

Also wearing ACNE jacket that I've had for 9 years. Buy quality, it pays. I'm listening to Promiscuous (does this often come up in spelling bee competitions? don't think so but it should) here and dance with my finger. 
Am I throwing you off? Didn't think so. 

On my feet - Clarks brogues. I don't know what I'm trying to say by wearing them? That I'm not immune to trends but neither am I immune to the necessity of comfort and mobility? Rings true. 
Also, Janelle Monae wears short pants and brogues and what more reason could you ever ask for to wear anything? I LOVE JANELLE.

Glasses were chosen with the help of blog readers around the world and I love them. They're Oliver Peoples which make me feel like I've stolen them from the Oliver People.

I'm new to this. Today's outfitters don't usually babble on like this, do they? They just post a pic and get a zillion comments? 

Also sporting a genuine McKayla expression because what could be more 2012?