Friday, November 30, 2012

Readers in NYC!

If you like Letters from the end consumer, you'll like IVANA HELSINKI. Chances are you'll like Ivana even if you don't like lftec. But in that case, why are you reading this?

Ok! Just received a comment questioning my endorsement over the past few posts. Thought I'd elaborate. I'm a discerning consumer who try to buy less, use more of what I already own. I've had more or less the same size since I was 18 which means I can still wear most of the clothes I've bought since 1989. Here's my dirty secret though: I love clothes. It's a constant battle between the glamor loving style conscious person inside and the environmentally concerned, often financially troubled person that I also am. That's why I say I won't buy Mes Dames below but will try to recreate the look with the help of clothes I already have. And that's why I haven't bought the Kanebo Sensei stuff - just used store samples.

I think it's important to buy things I know will last a long, long time. And since I put so much time and effort into this portion of my life, I'd like to share the stuff I think will last with you.

Ivana Helsinki is a brand I really like. It's founded by Finnish designer/artist/film maker Paula Suhonen who describes her brand in the following terms:

“My world is for the ones whom love moonlit fields, pirates, dark forests, crummy motels, champagne states of drunkenness, fragile butterflies, passionate relationships, cowboys and guardian angels.  After all, they all are just after a love of their lives, rarely seen peaceful madness; just waiting to see, will he be a rockstar, a motor biker, a gnome, a cosmonaut or a sailor,” explains Ms. Suhonen."

A few years ago, I think perhaps 5 or 6 years or so, I tried on a green wool 40s-inspired Ivana Helsinki dress that I didn't buy. It's one of the few non-purchases that keep bugging me. I loved that dress and it's been impossible to find it. This year, I found another Ivana Helsinki dress that I bought and really, really, really love. I'll post it here later on, perhaps tomorrow. I look forward to wearing it for the rest of my life.