Thursday, September 13, 2012


don't tell the spammers but I've removed the word verification so if you never comment because it's such a hassle, it might not be so hassleous after all.

If you quit commenting because you commented once or more and never received a reply, I apologize. I read every comment and love love love them. I just don't get around to reply all the time and that's all my fault.

One reader pointed out to me that I was a really sloppy replier once and that was the beginning of a friendship. Jennie, love you.


  1. Ha ha - you have a memory like an elephant! <3 <3 <3

  2. Ooh. I just glanced at your comment feed, and somebody has indeed told the robots.

  3. yes jennie, I do.

    draiocht - where do you see them? I receive tons of spam comments but they don't seem to get published on the site?

  4. Via the link at the right: "SUBSCRIBE TO LFTEC - All Comments". It's not a ton; just an ounce or two that seem to have made their way onto Google Reader. (Perhaps deleted between then and now, but stuck in Google's cache.)

  5. I intended to comment ages ago to say you'd inspired me to start running and i was actually starting to really enjoy it and feel like i could go for a respectable amount of time.... but then i got pregnant and stopped running and forgot to comment.
    So anyway: thanks for inspiring me! and please do it again next spring!

  6. Rat! Thanks! I'll be running in the spring too. Congrats on the baby!


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