Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If you read this, you know that it was my birthday just two or three weeks ago. As is customary, I was congratulated more than once on that social media hangout Facebook.

Anders took a look at the congratulations and this is what happened next:

Anders: You know, all these years, no one has ever congratulated me on facebook.

Me: You can not be serious. You simply can not be serious. Even...even dogs get congratulated on FB.

Anders: Am serious. My birthday is in the middle of the summer. Perhaps everyone has checked out, not just from their jobs but from facebook too.

Me: No. People never do.

Anders: Well, it just hasn't happened.

Me: I can't believe it.

Anders: Believe it.

>>secretely opening my laptop<<

Anders: What, are you gonna check that what I'm telling you is true?

Me: Maybe.

Anders: Go ahead. Go right ahead. No congratulations.

Me: No. Zero...but you know what? You haven't entered your date of birth.

Anders: Do I have to?

Me: Only if you want to give people a chance to know when your birthday is!


  1. I didn't used to have mine either. Loved the obliviousness of everyone on "my" day. Then I added the date, because I, like you, seriously love the date. August 8th. 8.8. So round and comfortable a date. Without being too soft. Then I thought, hey, I don't want all those messages clogging up my wall. So I turned my wall off that day. Thought that would keep the clichés away. Alas, people just private messaged me instead. So many messages. That I obviously felt compelled to answer personally. Oblivious birthday FAIL.

    I'll remember to remove the date a few days beforehand next year.

  2. Kan vara av liknande anledning jag aldrig kommit på hans födelsedagsfester... (Stor hint om en efterlängtad anledning att fira en älskad vän.)

  3. Happy belated Birthday, I hope it was swell! taksa micket, lutefiska! (my swedish is a bit rusty, sorry.)


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