Sunday, September 2, 2012


Vanja and her youngest cousin Måns
and a new photo booth filter. 

have spent the weekend with kids.
friday 5 of them, rest of the weekend 4.
have also been tidying up non-stop.
and laughed.

and screamed.
an ordinary weekend.

also overheard my son and his friend discuss the rules of their new broccoli-shooting game. with the help of a fork and a swift hand, they catapulted a small piece of broccoli around the room.

"2 points if you hit the tub of butter!"
"3 points if you hit the window"
"5 points if you hit mom!"
"10 points if you hit your mom's glasses!"

at this the mom added "15 if you hit moms open mouth so she can eat the wonderful veggie."

Joel has always been fond of greens.
Here's proof.