Friday, September 14, 2012

Not fair

Stumble across a pic like this and immediately go "How can a person look this gorgeous? We in the regular world would like to know."

But we all know it takes at least a hair person, a makeup person, a lighting person, a stylist, a photographer,  photographer's assistant and a set person for every image like this. And yes, a person with the looks of Marion. And even so, for each pic like this, the photographer will have discarded tons of shots that didn't turn out so well despite ideal conditions.

So what does it look like if you just take one gorgeous person and a photographer?

Minnie Riperton singing.

For every superstyled beautiful pic that makes you sigh "but I could never look like that", try to see that real life is sometimes, often, just as beautiful, just in a different way.

Real world. at home:

Life goal: to make her, her sister and brother feel great about themselves. At my own age, am back to being happy about being me the way a kid often is. Why do most of us have to make such detours - hating our bodies, mocking ourselves? Is it by unfair comparisons to images like the one above? Why even make comparisons, why can't the two co-exist? There are beautiful images of different types in the world, don't turn it into immediate calls to action for some personal makeover program.

Your body isn't something that needs change or work. Your body is you.
I like to work this body, but that's a whole different matter. Make peace with your body. Treat it well.

And if you see a pic of a gorgeous woman in white, smiling, for unknown reasons opening an eggshaped object, take the chance to have fun with it yourself instead of beating yourself up for not being Marion Cottilard. There's only one Marion, but there's only one of you too, thank god.