Monday, September 10, 2012

treated like shit - ps to men and apologies

Only one person who later apologized did actually treat me like shit. Post apology he proceeded to try to seduce me all over again and I got to say it people, I got to say EAT YOUR HEART OUT and I know revenge shouldn't be sweet, but damn it felt so wonderful it still makes me smile just thinking about it. 

When they've been about 2, my kids have all insisted I should read a particular book to them about a mean monster in the forest. They bring out this book and go "boo!!!" And urge me to read it. They want the thrill of fear. 

I used to love being scared by that book too, when I was about 2 (it was first published in 1910). And one day I realized that this former crush - he kind of looked like this monster. I now think that perhaps what I saw in him might have been the strong thrill of fear from toddlerhood? I simply mistook it for love - the volume of the feeling was so loud.

did this ever happen to you?