Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday night at home dancing with John Legend

Everything was so great until Niki started hitting me over the head with a potato masher. VANJA OCH NIKI: skickar meddelande till er i framtiden när ni googlar er själva: kärleken!
Joel också men han sover över hos en kompis så dansar inte med oss ikväll.

Next up: putting niki to bed, watch gilmore girls with vanja.
In the words of Nas: LIFE IS GOOD.


Everything was so great until Niki started hitting me over the head with a potato masher.
VANJA AND NIKI: here's a message to you when you google yourself in the future: THE LOVE!!!!!
Joel too, but he's at a sleepover so he's not dancing with us tonight.

Next up: putting niki to bed, watch gilmore girls with vanja.
In the words of Nas: LIFE IS GOOD.

ps. did you hate highschool? I liked high school. does that mean I was one of the mean girls?
i just like school in general. I consider it one of my superpowers.


  1. Dear English-speaking, non-Swedish-speaking, faithful readers of LFTEC, join my cause and sign my petition. How frustrated do you feel, like I do, when you see a new post by Emi, only to realize it's written in wonderful, melodic, yet cryptic, undecipherable Swedish? And how many of you go through Google Translate to get a shitty, frustrating, unfathomable, un-Emi-like-styled translation, and how many of you feel left out like in the very worst hours of high school?
    Here is my petition. Sign it in mass:
    "Dear Emi, I realise that you sometimes feel the need to write in Swedish. But as a moral shareholder of your blog, I feel left out like in the very worst hours of high school. I understand you may do so when you want to write about something that entails a cultural bridge between Sweden and the rest of the world. But please educate us, loving following masses, and let me/us in! Thanks a million from your faitfhul fan XXX in YYY, WWW"

    Tack puss jag älskar dig!!

  2. Dear Emi,

    You do know that John has got a lovely girlfriend of 6 years who not only happens to be a model (obviously) but also seems like a genuinely cool gal? In addition she writes a great blog, mostly about food.
    What's not to like?

    Anniina from Helsinki

  3. I didn't know this! Congrats John!

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