Monday, September 17, 2012

Poltergeist nation

When I was little there was a horror flick about a girl who got trapped INSIDE A TV!!!!
(sounds kinda awesome, no?)
These days, who's not trapped in a screen of some kind?
does it scare you?

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  1. It scares me more when I realize that the whole day, we sort of drift from screen to screen and see less and less faces for our daily needs. For example:

    - alarm clock: phone screen
    - travel to work: our public transport has screens streaming small news bytes now, impossible NOT to look at
    - work: computer screen
    - lunch: maybe watch an episode of something funny while eating = screen
    - evening: watch tv screen with partner during dinner

    and I'm not even that sick of it yet.
    ... aaaargh, bad sign.


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