Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Seriously people, how could you stand still with this music playing in your ears?
I'm temping at a new office and I should probably refrain from dancing in my chair, but I can't cause I love this music so much!!!

Running playlist

I created this one for regular runs. It starts out softly with Curtis Mayfield buttering you up with his I'm the one who loves you. Pamper yourself with his loving assurance.

Then Alicia Keys picks up with her high school dream song Teenage Love Affair which is so awesome you forget all about the zits, mean friends, broken hearts, weird diets, existential angst and all the other upsetting stuff that otherwise make you're glad that those days are over. I listen to this and suddenly remember my boyfriend in high school and how we kissed on the top floor of the school and I thought to myself "life is finally beginning to happen to me, too!!!"

Next up, Frank Ocean gets Lost with you. Your feet step along with the beat while your lips mumble "Got on my buttercream silk shirt- and it's Versace!". You can't help but smiling. Trot trot.

Now you're all warmed up and hopefully happy. Alicia Keys bowls you over with her passionate Wreckless Love. Wave after wave of delicious music. Fellow runners might be surprised at you because you're likely to be running and singing, loudly

So baby let’s go, have that wreckless love, that crazy loveThat I don’t really care we can have it anywhere kind of loveThat wreckless love

Then Nas sings Cherry Wine with Amy Winehouse though she's dead and I love you Nas, Amy, cherries and wine.

After that, swoon, here comes all time charmer Andre 3000 and he's ready to go right now with John Legend because they've got Green light. You're running and laughing at the d-bag lyrics "do I have a girlfriend? technically no".

Then another dead, wonderful individual wants to sing for you - ODB with Got your money, backed by Kelis.

Then another oldie which seems cheesy at first but have you ran to Let me blow your mind with Eve & Gwen Stefani? It's so great to run to. Your feet will love it.

Then Nas and Kelis sing "Let's make out in public" and how great it would be if they still got along.

You're almost there and finish your run in triumph with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys with their majestic Empire State of Mind. 

Time to stretch out all those hardworking muscles. Alicia sings for you as you stretch and tone. She's asking Where do we go from here? You think to yourself, ANYWHERE BABY, I CAN GO ANYWHERE AND DO ANYTHING.

Now your run is over, you shower and open a beer and let the endorphins marinate you in joy. nYou think to yourself "it feels like cheating that working out should be this enjoyable".

You can do it today. What's stopping you?

Want to run in the morning? I've put together another somewhat softer list for tender morning moods before you're fully awake.

morning run

If you're not feeling like running at all, but would rather hang out on a beach in Jamaica, go running with Bob Marley instead.
springa med bob