Monday, September 19, 2011

At the bank

Because Joel is six years old, he couldn't keep his fingers off my internet bank gizmo=broke it. So I had to go to the bank, and wait in line. But I was rewarded! Because when it was my turn, I was served by TWO people, one Freida Pinto lookalike with a "New on the job" pin and one serious young man who was showing her how to do everything right.

I had to sign a paper to get a new gizmo. The senior employee showed Freida where she should stack such important papers. He showed her two green plastic bins.

"In this one, we save papers that we keep for 10 years. And in this one (pointing to identical green plastic box) we keep papers that should be saved for all eternity". He said it like all eternity was an everyday term. I considered the size of the plastic bin, since I too, would like to be kept in a safe place for all eternity.

Sadly, it was too small.
All eternity. That's a very long time. I have massive respect for the little green plastic boxes. Soldier on into the future, brave boxes!