Thursday, September 8, 2011

The milestones of life

(Caption: Pompous asshole)
So, I turned FORTY yesterday, or as I like to call it FORTE (pathetic and funny at the same time)!
I hadn't thought all that much about it though it's easy to see all this running and pilateing might very well be some kind of crisis, who knows.

Anyways, I tried to look in the mirror this morning to see if I was somehow different, the way I've looked in my own eyes to search for change after changing schools, moving to another country, giving away the delicate flower of my womanhood to a Peruvian man, getting pregnant (not the same time those two), landing my first job, getting my first paycheck, separating, losing friends, gaining weight, losing weight, getting married, getting my driver's license, giving up coffee, running my first 10 k, taking up coffee. You know. Milestones.

I thought I would perhaps look into my eyes and find a more mature, more patient, more wise to the ways of the world- person.

But no. Still the same.