Friday, September 2, 2011

If you have limited resources this season

Now something unexpected - make-up tips! I've tried to make myself famous for my au naturel-look, which is easy cause that's what it is. But even I try, sometimes. I have very little money and what I have I already owe in taxes. So buying clothes is sadly out of the question right now. Instead, I have to make do with what I already have like always - forgotten closet and all that.

BUT! I felt I needed some glamour in my life this summer and bought two eyeliners - one gold, one black and the gold has already yielded more compliments than almost any item of clothing ever has. So sell something if you have to - get a liquid gold eyeliner. If you can't afford that either, just go gold eye shadow, the cheapest brands have them too.

That blank expression is my photo face, used by models of all sizes and nationalities for decades. As a bonus _ check out my forehead. Those FINE LINES are here to stay so am thinking of putting them to practical use - for instance might plant some flowers there.

Not even Shakespeare could stop this kind of thing though he tried, by begging time:
"O, carve not with thy hours my love's fair brow".

Time, really, it's ok. I know you do this to everybody.

ps 2. My kids already do that photo face too.